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Victoire de Groote, Mitigram Macroeconomist Adviser and Global Head of Country Risk at HSBC offers an analysis of the recovery possible scenario, evaluating monetary policies, geopolitical tensions, and other elements.

Victoire de Groote, Head of Global Country Risk at HSBC and Chief Economist at Mitigram offers an analysis of the current inflation and stagflation, evaluating both the signs pointing to a temporary outcome as well as a long term repercussions.

Victoire de Groote, Head of Global Country Risk at HSBC and Chief Economist at Mitigram, comments on the latest WTO report about the current status of Trade Finance.

Sales Director Uon Kim introduces Mitigram in Korean language with English subtitles.

Katharine Morton - Head of Trade, Treasury & Risk at TXF - interviews the UK “dream team” of Mitigram: Managing Director Joshua Cohen and Sales Directors John Treasure and Pepi Bedi.

Trade Finance Podcast by Mitigram.

Episode 6 with Victoire De Groote, Global Head of Country Risk, HSBC.

Il quinto episodio del Trade Finance podcast vede il Direttore Marketing di Mitigram, Stefano Virgilli, intervistare il Direttore Esecutivo, Renaud Simons.

The 4th Episode of the Trade Finance Podcast takes place in Singapore, when both host Johan Egnell, Head of Asia at Mitigram and guest Joshua Kroeker, Chief Product Officer at Contour, are located.

Global Head of Country Risk, Victoire De Groote shares her views on the upcoming trade policies of the new Biden administration.

Available now: The latest episode of Trade Finance Podcast focuses on the trends for trade in 2021 as well as the potential impact of a US Biden administration. The podcast is produced by Mitigram and presented HSBC's Global head of Country Risk, Victoire de Groote.

Mitigram's CEO, Milena Torciano interviews Global Head of Country Risk, HSBC, Victoire De Groote on the impact of the crisis on world trade, geo-political tension and the possible scenarios with changes in the structure of trades. Will the crisis last? Is this the end of globalization? Can Emerging Markets benefit of the current changes?


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