Built with the highest standards

Information security above all else

ISO 27001

Full compliance with policies, physical security, cryptography and maintenance.

Maximum security

The platform is engineered with the highest standards of cyber security.

Full backup

A series of backup servers are on standby to provide dependable access to users at all times.

The platform is built to be robust and dependable

The Mitigram platform is hosted in a secure, redundant server and infrastructure environment, using industry standard protective measures (ISO 27001) to ensure confidentially and availability of your data at all times.


Redundant IP network connections with multiple Internet access providers.


Connections made by http are automatically redirected to https, ensuring all customer traffic is always encrypted.

Intrusion detection

24/7 SoC monitored IDS detects interference or access from outside intruders.

Access control

Role-based access is enforced for systems management by authorized engineering staff.

Are you working for a corporation, a commodity trade or a financial institution and want to learn how Mitigram can add value to your organization?