Leaders in trade are using Mitigram

Mitigram is used by world leading corporations, traders and financial institutions.


Large industrial manufacturers, project contractors, providers of advanced technologies and service solutions.

Commodity Traders

World class merchants sourcing, trading and distributing commodities across the globe.

Financial Institutions

30+ top tier financial institutions from Europe, Asia and US providing financial solutions for global trade.

Welcome to a true upgrade

Mitigram is the world's first global trade finance collaborative platform for corporates, traders and financial institutions to access counterparties in funding and hedging risk of trade transactions.

Built on the highest standards of information security and compliance (ISO 27001), Mitigram supports network creation and expansion, comprehensive automated quotation workflows for trade finance instruments, codified audit trail, analytics on asset pricing and activity data.

Get started without any installation or integration.

100+ countries

Top tier financial institutions on Mitigram covering risk, providing financing to trade transactions and buying receivables in more than 100 countries.

500+ issuing banks

Mitigram enables LC confirmations, risk distribution, issuance and re-issuance of guarantees across more than 500 banks in developed and emerging markets.

>1600 trades

More than 1600 trade transactions have been facilitated by Mitigram.

$11bn since launch

In excess of 11 billion USD of trade finance flows have been facilitated world wide by the platform since going live in October 2015.

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Whether you are a corporation, a commodity trader or a financial institution providing solutions in global trade, we would love to hear from you.