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Mitigram MitiManager for Corporates

for Corporates

Take the complex. Make it seamless. With MitiManager.

Replace siloed, analogue communication with a fully centralised end-to-end transaction ledger, automated data capture and secure multi-bank communication.

MitiManager makes trade financing as efficient as you are.

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Optimal Control

Track the complete lifecycle of your trade finance transactions in real time

Optimal communication

Send and receive messages and documents with all your banks, with just one interface

Optimal data capture

Capture all trade details automatically and stop manual inputs

Data. From unstructured.
To structured.

Data locked in emails. Shared folders. Filing cabinets. Unsecure spreadsheets. That's still how many corporations of all sizes 'manage' their trade finance transactions.

MitiManager solves that. MitiManager hands you a centralised ledger to track all your trade finance transaction, seamlessly, end-to-end. Al-powered automated data capture. Digital multi-bank communication. Secure execution processes.
MitiManager takes care of it all.

Full visibility.
Full control.

It's not just all your trade financing data you'll have in one place. Mitigram hands you a single view of all your internal and external communication, transaction history and status for more efficient, compliant and secure processes.

Time. Resources.

Repetitive, manual tasks drain precious resources and are prone to the risk of manual errors. With standardised data, APIs and natural language processing technology, Mitigram paves the way to fully digitalised and secure trade financing processes.

Intelligence. Revealed.

Know the real-time status of your trade assets and liabilities with MitiManager. Access their real-time market value on MitiSquare. Manage risks and improve how trade happens, wherever it happens. Seamlessly.

  • What is the value of my guarantees outstanding?
  • How many unpaid LC presentations do I currently have?
  • Which transactions are about to expire in the next 3 months across my panel banks?

Intelligence. Revealed.

Know the real-time status of your trade assets and liabilities with MitiManager. Access their real-time market value on MitiSquare. Manage risks and improve how trade happens, wherever it happens. Seamlessly.

  • What is the value of my guarantees outstanding?
  • How many unpaid LC presentations do I currently have?
  • Which transactions are about to expire in the next 3 months across my panel banks?

Open bank communication.
Made seamless.

MitiManager opens up unhindered communication. With any bank. In any channel. For any instrument. With any message delivery technology. And with SWIFT for corporates connectivity, breakthrough Al and APIs, banks don't even need to be Mitigram users themselves.

Open bank communication.
Made seamless.

MitiManager opens up unhindered communication. With any bank. In any channel. For any instrument. With any message delivery technology. And with SWIFT for corporates connectivity, breakthrough Al and APIs, banks don't even need to be Mitigram users themselves.

Why anything less than optimal?

With Mitigram, you'll have the best possible access and execution for trade financing.
Without it, you won't. Let us show you why.


I’ve heard about Mitigram from business contacts. How do I join?

We are continuously onboarding new companies and banks looking to accelerate the digital transformation of their trade finance organization. To be one of them, contact us at

What functionalities are covered by Mitigram's Corporate Solutions?

MitiSquare supports a full, automated Request for Proposal workflow across all TF instruments. This enables connectivity with any bank, no matter whether they are registered with Mitigram or not.

Mitigram Open Market lets you find new counterparties that match your search criteria, while Interactive Analytics gives you an enhanced, in-depth view of your trade finance activities to better assess the risks.

Through MitiManager, Mitigram supports the management and monitoring of all outstanding positions, bank, and country risk throughout the life of the transactions. Bank instructions can be sent and advices received securely via the Mitigram hosted SWIFT for Corporates connectivity, as well as via email integrations for non-MT798 ready financial institutions and other channels via APIs.

I'm receiving emails from my counterparties asking me to join their Mitigram Network. How do I proceed?

It's great that you are receiving network invitations from your counterparties. To join them on MitiSquare and support them in their digitalisation journey while also benefitting from a seamless global digital trade finance network yourself, contact

Is Mitigram covering both Export and Import? What instruments are supported?

Yes. Both MitiSquare and MitiManager are designed to support Exporters and Importers in communication with respective partner banks, as well as banks themselves in their bank-to-bank communications.

MitiSquare supports multiple request types varying from confirmation and discounting to issuance and financing for a large range of trade finance instruments, including:

  • Documentary Credits (Export, Import, UPAS)
  • Standby Letters of Credit (Export, Import)
  • All types of Guarantees & Bonds (Issued, Received)
  • Avalised drafts (Bills-of-exchange, Promissory Notes)
  • Receivables
I don't tender my trade finance business. Should I be on Mitigram?

Yes. The ability to tender and obtain pricing for transactions is just one part of the Mitigram offering. For our Corporate clients who don't tender their trade finance business, MitiSquare adds value through streamlining of data and consistency in communication with your banks on the availability and pricing. This is beneficial even if you only consider one partner bank for a given transaction. All levels of your business will also gain from the actionable insight MitiSquare provides.

MitiManager solution allows you to track all your trade finance transactions end-to-end and create smooth multi-format communication with any bank. This holistic view of all internal and external communication, transaction history and status give you more powerful, compliant and secure processes. MitiManager is the solution for staying on top of your trade assets and liabilities, in real-time.

What SWIFT message types does Mitigram support?
MitiManager supports the entire suite of MT798 messaging through its SWIFT for Corporates connectivity. SWIFT formats are also supported outside of the Mitigram SWIFT connectivity, allowing for the import of bank specific transaction files into MitiManager. MitiManager also allows SWIFT formatted instructions to be sent via email to banks that are not MT798 enabled.
Do we need our own BIC code?

To receive and send MT798 messages to your banks via Mitigram's SWIFT connectivity, a dedicated Trade Finance BIC code is required (from SWIFT).

A particular benefit of Mitigram's Corporate Solutions is that you don't need to adopt the Corporate SWIFT connectivity in order to use the system. With Mitigram's unique multi-channel concept, you can import any transaction file into MitiManager, regardless of the format. You can also create SWIFT formatted instructions to be sent to your banks via email.

We receive trade finance advices from banks in many different formats. Staying updated on each transaction is very time-consuming. How can Mitigram help?
Mitigram automates the tracking of transactions and reduces manual workload. Any templates of trade finance instruments can be imported to Mitigram (from Excel, Word, Text file, PDF, SWIFT), to give you complete tracking of every exposure.
Will Mitigram help us work better with internal counterparties?
Yes. Mitigram centralises all your requests, responses, and transactional information, so your entire team can collaborate easily and effectively, giving everyone insight into exposure and transaction status. Important information won't be missed again.
Will all of my banks need to be on Mitigram from day 1?
It's not necessary. Mitigram is truly a multi-bank, multi-channel solution; any bank in the world can be invited to quote through Mitigram. No prior registration is required in order to receive and respond to requests for quotations and / or to transact. Today, over 150 bank entities are already registered on Mitigram, and over 300 Financial Institutions are being contacted (both registered and non-registered).
Will Mitigram introduce me to new financial partners?
Yes. With MitiSquare's Open Market feature you will be able to contact all banks that have chosen to be visible to the Mitigram network.
What does Mitigram cost?
Mitigram is deliberately priced to be as accessible as possible to as many as possible. You'll find our subscription options here.
Who owns the data that I enter?
You own your data and control what happens to it. How we handle your data is governed by the Terms of Service.
Who has access to my data?
Access to your data is governed by an access framework, allowing access to your organisation and the entities on Mitigram with whom you choose to share your data. All data access is logged to a secure logging and monitoring server for an immutable audit trail.
Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored in two secure and 24/7 monitored data centers in Stockholm, Sweden. Your data will never leave these data centers unless you explicitly instruct us so.
Is my data transferred to any third party?
You data will never be transferred to a third party, unless you instruct us to do so, or an authority with a mandate to request the data from us requires us to do so.
How do you make sure my data is available?
Your data is stored in a hot-standby geo-redundant database cluster in our data centers. All data is backed up daily and backups stored for 60 days. Internet access is provided by a redundant connection with two separate ISPs.
What happens to my data if I leave the platform?
You can export all data from the platform at any time, meaning that you will have access to your data should you, for any reason, decide to leave Mitigram.
Is my data encrypted?
All your transactional data in the MitiManager is encrypted to an enterprise key connected to your enterprise. All backups are encrypted.
How do you secure my account?
Your login credentials consist of your email and password, with password complexity requirements. Passwords are stored encrypted in our databases. You can also activate additional security measures in the form of twofactor authentication and IP-restrictions. All account access is monitored 24/7 by a SOC.
Are you certified to any standard?
Yes. Mitigram has been awarded 2021 SWIFT Compatible Application Trade Finance for Corporates certification. We are also certified according to ISP27001, and our data centres are certified to ISO27001, ISO23301, ISO9001 and ISO14001.
Is the security regularly tested and monitored?
The security of the service is annually verified by an accredited external penetration test. Furthermore, the service is automatically scanned weekly for any vulnerabilities.
How do I get started with Mitigram?

Once your organisation has signed Mitigram’s Terms of Service, your dedicated client relationship manager will arrange your user access and introduction. As no installation or integration is required, you’ll be up and running within days.

Do my banks need to be onboarded before we can get started?

No. There is no need to onboard your banks to get started with MitiSquare and MitiManager.

We recommend you inform your partner banks that you are adopting MitiSquare for your request and availability request workflow. But they do not need to be registered to receive the details of your request and respond.

Banks that are registered on MitiSquare will view the details of your request and respond when they log in. Partner banks that are not yet registered will receive your request details via email and can respond directly to MitiSquare using a secure link.

With MitiManager, your banks do not need to be onboarded before you can start tracking all your trade finance transactions. If you currently communicate with your bank through bank portals and/or email, you can continue to do so and simply drag and drop emails and files into MitiManager to create and update transactions. Then, for more seamless communication channels with your banks (for example those that support MT798) we can get your organisation set up to exchange messages through the agreed channel for the respective bank.

How many users can we register?

There is no limit. Mitigram is not only for communicating with counterparties, but also for internal collaboration and creating insight within and across teams and locations. Register as many colleagues as you need to.

How can we adopt the Mitigram solutions in our decentralised trade finance organisation?

Many of our clients have decentralised trade finance organisations. Our recommendation is to implement our modules in steps. A typical approach would be to start adopting MitiSquare and MitiManager at the head office, and then roll out to other parts of the organisation, for example by division or by region.

Our business is ready to get started. How do I introduce your solution to our IT and compliance departments?

The Mitigram solutions are web-based SaaS solutions, meaning no efforts are required from your IT department. We have documented compliance with GDPR and ISO27001 and can provide a package of relevant documents for you to share internally. Please also check out our Security and Infrastructure FAQ.

My organisation is already using Mitigram. How can I register as a user?

Simply send an email with your contact details to We will find the right person within your organisation to approve your request.

My Corporates are asking me to join Mitigram. Why?

Your Corporates have chosen MitiSquare as their preferred communication channel with their banks. MitiSquare provides your clients with a fast, efficient, secure channel that has the additional benefits of supporting audit trail, internal collaboration and best-in-class business analytics.

How does Mitigram help me to support my clients when I’m out of office?

Mitigram delivers centralisation of all your requests and responses. Collaboration is enabled between team members, so they will be able to respond to requests in your absence. No more worrying about missed opportunities.

The Mitigram App gives you the same access as if you were in the office, with notifications designed to keep you up to date at all times.

I use Mitigram to communicate with my Corporate clients. Can I also use it to communicate with my banks?

Yes. Similar to the corporate-to-bank communication channel, MitiSquare and MitiGateway support bank-to-bank communication. For example, you could ask one (or several) of your banks to confirm your LCs and guarantees. Both your corporate and bank communications can be centralised in MitiSquare.

Can Mitigram help me to serve my clients better and faster?

Yes. There are numerous ways that Mitigram's solutions improve efficiency and drive superior customer service. Our standardised request for quotation forms and data-interpretation immediately provides you with the data you need. Combined with the help of the internal collaboration tool, you can evaluate and respond to your clients quicker. The holistic view across all request data received from your clients, centralised in Mitigram, removes the need to search for fragmented information to provide informed responses.

Can I get in contact with new counterparties on Mitigram?

Yes. With MitiSquare's Open Market feature your reach can be extended to Mitigram's entire network. By configuring your risk appetite criteria, you can be matched up accordingly with corporates and banks that submit RfQs corresponding to your appetite. Alternatively, you can use the Open Market feature yourself to find new banks with corresponding appetite.

How does Mitigram fit into the rest of my technology ecosystem?

Seamlessly. Mitigram is a web-based solution, allowing you secure access via a simple login and password on your desktop or mobile device. There is no need to integrate with other technologies for Mitigram to work.

Not all my clients are on Mitigram. Can my organisation still benefit from using Mitigram?

Yes. The Mitigram network is growing across the world. If you want all of your clients to use Mitigram, you can. Our MitiGateway allows you to open up the channel to all of your corporate relationships, whether they are registered on Mitigram or not. There is no limit to your reach.

How many counterparties are registered on Mitigram?

We now have over 200 counterparties registered on Mitigram. From MNCs and global commodity traders, to large corporates and mid-caps. Our FIs include global banks, niche banks with regional risk appetites, multilateral agencies and NBFIs.

What if I still like to talk to my clients on the phone?

Mitigram complements the personal communication that’s key to a good relationship. But unlike a phone call, Mitigram provides you with digital records, centralised data, automatic audit trails and insight.

Can I extract my data from Mitigram?

Yes. Your data is always available to you. MitiSquare provides you with numerous relevant reports and analytics dashboards in an interactive format, too.

What kind of insights can I get from Mitigram analytics?

Opportunities, responsiveness, activities by clients, by country risk, by obligor risk, business won, lost, declined and missed requests from any client… all revealed in real time. Mitigram unveils the actionable insight you need for impactful and informed decision making.

More ways to optimise trade financing

Access the universal market network to assess real-time risks, capacity and pricing from partner banks in global trade financing. Already used by over 200 multinational corporates, leading commodity traders and financial institutions, get the best possible market sounding and trade solutions on MitiSquare.

Transform your unstructured request data from any client into digitised origination records. Augment your existing channels. Elevate your customer service. Take an AI-powered step in your end-to-end process digitalisation journey and never miss another client request.


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