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The Mitigram marketplace was first piloted in 2015 alongside some of Scandinavia's largest corporations and banks, and has since then grown to 200+ top registered corporates, traders and financial institutions.

In this interview co-founder Marjon Wohlén describes the approach that Mitigram has taken in becoming a marketplace, as well as some of the reasons of choosing just this route.

Creating a widely adopted marketplace doesn’t happen overnight and making sure that there are substantial benefits, and with that, incentives for both corporates and banks to join is not an easy feat. In recent years there have been considerable efforts within global trade finance to adopt digital initiatives, however widespread adoption has remained unseen – trade finance continues to be the least digitized aspect of the greater finance ecosystem.

The key ingredient to Mitigram’s widespread and growing adoption during the past years has been to listen carefully to the corporate and bank end users, and focus on the immediate value that could be created for them by introducing digitalisation and innovation and bringing efficiency and insight to their ways of working. As a result, while delivering this value and with the corporates and banks embracing the Mitigram platform, the growth of the marketplace comes as a natural evolution.


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