Efficiency and fast decisions

Real improvements to your workflow

Quick RFQ process

Complete and submit your request form and notify all your listed contacts instantly.

Global reach

Contact and collaborate with all your trade finance counterparties anywhere.

All in the browser

Mitigram requires no installation, as it works entirely within the browser.

All your banking counterparties at your fingertips

The number of counterparties on Mitigram is rapidly expanding, making the platform increasingly capable of meeting the demand and financing for risk pricing to new and recurring importers and destinations.

Any not-yet-registered bank can be accessed via the platform through a system-integrated email solution.

Automated audit trails

All interactions are recorded for complete auditable reviews.

Deep data

Advanced analytics on pricing data and operational metrics for better informed decisions. Machine learning and AI algorithms support applications for automated matchmaking and predictive pricing.

Consistent & transparent

Consistency is codified into the platform to avoid any unnecessary inefficiencies and risk.

Intuitive & connected

The platform is built for simplicity, increased connectivity, information transparency and improved efficiencies.

For corporates

Transparent, standardized and efficient

  • Send your RFQs to multiple financial institutions at once
  • Receive quotes in a standardized format
  • Compare and accept quotes in a few clicks
  • Chat in real time with your colleagues and your counterparties and keep track of the conversations for each deal
  • Get a centralized view of your team's current and historical risk and finance pricing activities
  • Know which banks are strong in your export regions
  • Identify banks that will cover your risk in your new export regions
  • What is my average risk price for each COUNTRY?
  • What AVERAGE PRICE did I receive per bank for India risk?
  • What is the total value of my LC confirmation business in Africa over the last 6 months?
  • WHICH OF MY BANKS have been allocated my Asia business?
  • Which of my banks consistently send quotes for my Middle East business?

For financial institutions

Stay connected with your existing, new and potential clients. Gain insight into your own business and market metrics.

  • Receive all your RFQs in a standardized format
  • Respond quickly to your RFQs
  • Chat in real time with your clients and keep track of the conversations for each deal
  • Chat and collaborate with your colleagues on the received RFQs
  • Get a centralized view of your team's current and historical risk and finance pricing activities
  • Get strategic insight into business won and business lost by region and within a specific time frame
  • Optimize the use of your credit limits
  • Lower the origination and acquisition cost of new clients
  • What is the TOTAL VALUE of the requests I received by region?
  • In WHICH REGIONS am I winning my deals?
  • In which regions am I losing my deals?
  • In what countries am I most successful?
  • What is the total value of my DEALS DECLINED by country?
  • What is the total VALUE of my deals declined by client?
  • What is the average price of my WON VS. LOST quotes by country?

Are you working for a corporation, a commodity trade or a financial institution and want to learn how Mitigram can add value to your organization?