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Find and invite new banks for trade finance transactions where existing banking partners may not have capacity.


Indicate your risk appetite and receive qualified opportunities from new corporate clients.

Fully integrated

Seamlessly integrated into the platform’s existing workflow with automated audit trail and complete insight.

Internal control & audit trail

Full history view and audit trail. No more digging through email threads or Excel sheets.

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For financial institutions

For corporates

For corporates

Corporates whose existing banking partners may not have capacity for a certain trade finance transactions can reach out to new banks and non-bank financial institutions.

Mitigram allows corporates to maintain and build their bank relationship network preparing them for future business expansion and challenging developments.

For financial institutions

Open Market Discovery is an origination tool that helps to drive business from new corporate clients. Banks, insurers and investors can specify their risk appetite, based upon which designated contacts will be automatically introduced to qualified and new business opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to source.

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