GTR has announced its 2016 Leaders in Trade awards, which highlights excellence in the trade, commodity, supply chain and export finance markets. GTR Awards

Mitigram has been selected as the best fintech disrupter for its online collaborative solution for corporates and banks.

Through improved operational efficiency, better oversight, robust compliance and strategic insight, Mitigram has brought real and positive change to the Trade Finance space.

Mitigram gaining momentum

Mitigram is quickly gaining momentum in becoming the first global marketplace for trade finance.

After having developed the platform in collaboration with two of Sweden’s largest exporters and a handful of Nordic banks, the marketplace was officially launched at the GTR Europe Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference in November 2015.

Only a year and a half from launch, we have now facilitated over 4 billion USD of trade finance in 70 countries – where 27 global financial institutions have been providing pricing for over 200 issuing banks to a growing number of exporters.

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