Dagens Industry: “Prestigious clients test drive swedish Mitigram”

On the day of our launch, Dagens Industri, the equivalent of the Financial Times in Sweden, quite timely published an article about Mitigram that explains how we are going to change the way corporate banking is done today. This is indeed at the heart of our mission.

Mitigram referred to as “the future of banking models” in GTR

In September, the Global Trade Review published an article reporting from EuroFinance, which concluded with “One banker went as far as telling GTR on the sideline of the event that relationship banking was “dead”, citing platforms such as Mitigram – where banks can bid for corporate’s trade finance business on a case-by-case basis – as the future of banking models”.

We certainly appreciated the reference, even if we do not quite agree that “relationship banking is dead”. Quite to the contrary, we believe that digitizing banking relationships will offer unparalleled opportunities to banks, and that Mitigram will be a key enabler in this digitization journey!