We have interviewed Camilla Angerbrandt, Credit Manager at Ekman & Co, whose Gothenburg-based team started using Mitigram in December 2015.

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Chris Hyde (CH): Hello Camilla, and thank you for taking the time to tell us about your and your colleagues’ experience of Mitigram. First, could you please briefly tell us about Ekman’s activities?
Camilla Angerbrandt (CA): Ekman offers a wide range of services, covering the entire forest products supply chain from marketing, logistics, financial services, and risk management tools. We use Mitigram as a tool for getting and comparing price quotes from our banks in a standardized and time efficient way.

CH: What difference does Mitigram make in your team’s daily work?
CA: Mitigram saves us time in our daily activities. First of all, the chat function is great, it is very practical to have all communications stored in an easily accessible manner, rather than lost somewhere in an email. Mitigram is also a very good tool to get a quick view of prices we have received from banks for our LCs as well as sharing this information within the team.

CH: As a user, what is your experience of Mitigram?
CA: As a Mitigram supervisor, I use the Manager View all the time. Before Mitigram, I did not have any tool for a summarized view and comparison of the prices we had received from our banks across our deals. Now, I can see all prices in one place! Also, I don’t have to ask each person in my group for a status on their deals. I have direct access to all the information and can play with is as I need: that’s great. Overall, Mitigram gives me easier and better insight, some of which I can bring to the table when discussing with our banks.

CH: How about the future, what benefits do you expect from using Mitigram?
CA: In an ideal world, all our global offices would already be on Mitigram, and we would know the exact distribution of our deals across countries, issuing banks, and confirming banks. This would really help us in negotiations with our banks. Also, being able to see and compare the pricing for all markets would be a great benefit.

In the future, when Mitigram can offer its own price indexes, I will be able to ask questions such as “what’s the price for Bangladesh?” or “Which bank should we choose for this market?” These are the most frequent types of questions I get from my colleagues. With Mitigram, I hope to get instant answers, which will be very useful, since today I have to make a lot of phone calls to get a feeling for a price on markets where we are either not yet present or not very active.

CH: if you had a wish as to which features Mitigram would offer in the future, what would it be?
CA: It would be a dream if we could get summarized and updated views of the different banks on a given market, during time of turbulences for example.