Some of Sweden’s largest exporters and their global Trade Finance core banks have been instrumental in fine tuning the Mitigram service over the past months.

After a successful testing phase that confirmed the benefits of the innovative easy-to-use features of the Mitigram marketplace, one of these early adopting exporters and their banks have now decided to start using the Mitigram marketplace for the daily pricing of their trade finance instruments transactions. This will allow them to replace their traditional communication channels such as phone and email while having continuous access to the full history of their communications. They will immediately benefit from a smoother, faster and easily auditable transaction pricing process.

Mitigram continues to collaborate with its early adopters to further enhance the analytics function of the marketplace, which enables Mitigram clients to make faster and better informed tactical and strategic decisions.

Join us and contribute to shaping the future of trade finance. Simply register to the Mitigram online service, no installation or configuration needed, and you will soon witness a significant increase in the effectiveness of your trade finance activities.