The Collaborative
Risk and Finance

27 financial institutions are providing pricing for over 400 issuing banks.

Over 5 billion USD of trade finance facilitated in 95 countries

The Mitigram Service

Mitigram is a web-based service for corporates and financial institutions.
Mitigram currently supports risk and finance pricing of trade finance instruments such as
Export LCs, Standby LCs, International Guarantees and Avalized Drafts

  • Streamlined Collaborative Pricing

    Mitigram offers a digital communication channel designed to replace email and telephone when a corporate requires pricing for risk or finance (RFQ). Corporates send their RFQs to all their counterparties in one click. Financial institutions receive and respond to all RFQs in a standardized format, allowing corporates to easily compare all quotes received

  • All trade finance players in one spot

    Connect to and collaborate with your existing counterparties. With all corporates and financial institutions in one place, you can easily extend your network and develop new relationships


    Whether you have a centralized or decentralized trade organization, Mitigram provides an aggregated view across key criteria such as users, countries and regions. Team managers start the day with a complete and accurate overview of all ongoing deals and activities while letting their teams focus on their work


    With all transaction and pricing-related data in one place, participants get access to in-depth analytics that provide accurate insight into their activities for fact-based strategic discussions and decision making

  • Audit-ready process

    All activities generate an audit trail that allows easy retrieval of data for internal and external auditing. All RFQs and their related internal and external communications can also be saved and printed in PDF format

  • Web-based and secure

    The Mitigram service supports the major industry security standards and regulatory compliance. Our service is hosted by an ISO27001 certified partner offering 24/7 availability and user data encryption. No installation, configuration or upgrade needed



Fast facts

Mitigram analytics

  • Send your RFQs to multiple banks at once
  • Receive quotes in a standardized format
  • Compare and accept quotes in a few clicks
  • Chat in real time with your colleagues and your counterparties and keep track of the conversations for each deal
  • Get a centralized view of your teams’ current and historical risk and finance pricing activities
  • Know which of banks are strong in your export regions
  • Identify banks that will cover your risk in your new export regions
  • What is my average risk price for each COUNTRY?
  • What AVERAGE PRICE did I receive per bank for India risk?
  • What is the total value of my LC confirmation business in Africa over the last 6 months?
  • WHICH OF MY BANKS have been allocated my Asia business?
  • Which of my banks consistently send quotes for my Middle East business?


Fast facts

Mitigram analytics

  • Receive all your RFQs in a standardized format
  • Respond quickly to your RFQs
  • Chat in real time with your clients and keep track of the conversations for each deal
  • Chat and collaborate with your colleagues on the received RFQs
  • Get a centralized view of your teams’ current and historical risk and finance pricing activities
  • Get strategic insight into business won and business lost by region and within a specific time frame
  • Optimize the use of your credit limits
  • Lower the origination and acquisition cost of new clients
  • What is the TOTAL VALUE of the requests I received by region?
  • In WHICH REGION am I winning my deals?
  • In which regions am I losing my deals?
  • In what countries am I most successful?
  • What is the total value of my DEALS DECLINED by country?
  • What is the total VALUE of my deals declined by client?
  • What is the average price of my WON VS. LOST quotes by country?


  • “Every morning, as I have my coffee, I log in to Mitigram, I can see what’s cooking, what is on the table today. By using the group view in Mitigram I can catch up with what’s happening in the team, without disturbing my team members with questions”

    "The analytics have provided us with the opportunity to assess our wins and losses and have created a lot of internal discussion on how we meet our client needs"

  • “As soon as all our offices are on Mitigram, we will know the exact distribution of our deals over countries and confirming banks”

    ”Less phone calls, more time to work”

    “Mitigram will allow us to find niche banks that are willing to take additional risk on certain markets where our core banks will not cover our risk”

  • “As a supervisor, I use the Group View all the time. Before Mitigram, if I wanted to view and compare prices received from our banks across our deals, I had to look at each individual order and write the price down on a notepad. Now, I can see all prices in one place!”

    “Receiving requests for pricing in a consistent structured format allows us to quickly action our clients request”


Mitigram comes in two editions: Mitigram Workflow and Mitigram Enterprise

  • Mitigram Workflow

    Mitigram Workflow is a free service for both financial institutions and corporates and supports the basic RFQ process

  • Mitigram Enterprise

    Mitigram Enterprise is a paying service that delivers the full power of Mitigram. For price-related information on Mitigram Enterprise for your organization, please contact us


About us

What we are

We are a Swedish start-up with the vision to digitize bank relationship and transform the way corporates and financial institutions do banking

Who we are

We are a team of ex-bankers, trade finance and technology experts, with a good know-how of the Corporate Banking & FI Business and a strong belief that this space could hugely benefit from technical innovation

Where we are

We are located in Stockholm, the center of Swedish innovation and one of the most active technology start-up hubs in the world, with access to good resources and excellent infrastructure